Tuesday, October 29, 2024
409 East 59th St., New York, NY 10022
6pm – 10pm
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The 4th Annual New York City Imagine Awards, the premier event that shines the spotlight on the nonprofit sector, will be held on Tuesday, October 29, 2024 at Guastavino’s. This gala event was created to offer formal acknowledgment to some of the City’s most effective and innovative nonprofit organizations. 501(c)(3) nonprofits located in and/or significantly serving The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens or Staten Island are eligible to apply across six categories: Arts & Culture; DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and/or Accessibility); Innovation; Leadership Excellence; Rising Star; & Social Impact. The winner in each category will win a $5,000 grant. In addition, the 24 finalists, 4 in each category, will each receive a professionally produced video, which will be showcased the night of the event, and thanks to Webster Bank's Diamond Sponsorship finalists will be awarded with $1,000 as well.


NYC Imagine Leadership Excellence Award Photo
Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. Leadership Excellence Award

This award recognizes an exemplary nonprofit leader (who may be an Executive Director, board member, staff member, volunteer, etc.) whose accomplishments have advanced his/her organization. The leader must work in and reside in any of the 5 New York City boroughs. This is not about traditional volunteering, directors, or funding, but focuses on innovation in driving organizational change and social impact.

NYC Imagine Social Impact Award Image
Cerini & Associates Social Impact Award
This award will be given to a nonprofit that measures success not just by meeting its mission, but by affecting the surrounding community. Impact goes beyond the number of children served, shelters provided, and mouths fed. Impact looks at how the organization impacted the New York City community as a whole, and how the results have been measured.
NYC Arts & Culture Award Image
Claire Friedlander Family Foundation Arts & Culture Award
This award is available to any arts and/or cultural organization that has had a significant impact in New York City. This includes organizations that have had a significant, measurable impact on their community, developed new and/or innovative programming, developed effective fee-generating programs, or have demonstrated outstanding achievement in their artistic and/or cultural field.
NYC Imagine Innovation Award Photo
Flagstar Private Bank Fan Favorite Award

Each finalist is automatically entered into the voting pool to win the $3,000 Fan Favorite Award. Voting typically runs for 3 weeks in August/September. The public can vote daily via social media and each finalist is encouraged to share the link. The finalist with the most votes is declared the “Fan Favorite” and is announced LIVE at the event.

NYC Imagine Innovation Award Photo
JPMorgan Chase DEIA Award

This award recognizes an organization for prioritizing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and/or Accessibility within its mission OR within its programming to deepen and expand its DEIA impact and to strive to build DEIA into program design and delivery, staff recruitment and engagement, volunteerism, and donor engagement. The organization needs to show that DEIA is a primary focus and how the organization is effectively addressing DEIA issues through its programming and its organizational culture (from the top down).

NYC Imagine Innovation Award Photo
OneGroup Innovation Award

This nonprofit has been innovative in adopting new platforms that have led to a significant increase in the organization’s ability to meet its mission. This could include the implementation of technology that enables the organization to achieve cost savings and better communication; a strategic approach to fundraising; a unique and effective public relations campaign; etc.

Rising Star NYC Imagine Award
Your Part-Time Controller, LLC Rising Star Award

This award will recognize a nonprofit generating under $5 million in revenue for its outstanding innovation, impact, and achievements in meeting its mission. The award will be given to an organization who demonstrates an outstanding record of sustained achievement, has successfully demonstrated successful financial performance, and has built a reputation for excellence within the community.

The Imagine Awards is an award program that
was designed for 3 reasons:



To shine a spotlight on those nonprofits that are truly unique those with strong leadership, who are innovative in their actions and operations, who are impactful on both a micro and macro perspective, who are significantly advancing programs and the sector on a regular basis, who think out of the box, and who understand the need to effectively collaborate to leverage results.


To foster relationships having the ability for nonprofit leadership to come together and communicate, to see what each other are doing, to share ideas, and to find ways to effectively work and collaborate with each other creates a more integrated and stronger sector for all of us.


To provide education it’s a little bit of a cliché, but we don’t know what we don’t know. Nonprofit leadership is often focused on the day to day needs of their organization and don’t always have a place to turn or an avenue to bounce questions off of. The Imagine Awards offers this through idea sharing, access to winners (Let’s Imagine Event), and more.

The Imagine Awards not only provides a $5,000 check to the winner in each category, it provides a professionally developed video to each finalist, it provides an avenue to collaborate and explore, it provides exposure and recognition to the finalists and the sector, and it provides a night where the light is shine in on the sector to spotlight all the amazing things that are happening in the nonprofit community. Imagine Awards participants have developed new partnerships and collaborations, have made corporate connections which has resulted in new board members and contributions, have gain strategic insight into what other organizations are doing, and have developed new friendships and relationships that have proven essential in the growth and development of their organizations.

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