Deadline to apply is

May 10, 2021.


**Previous Applicants Please Note:

If you filled out the application before the COVID-19 pandemic, you do not need to resubmit an application, however you have the option to resubmit an application to include new information. Please check the option in the application if you are choosing to resubmit. Thank you!

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Social Impact Award

This award will be given to a nonprofit that measures success not just by meeting its mission, but by affecting the surrounding community. Impact goes beyond the number of children served, shelters provided, and mouths fed. Impact looks at how the organization impacted the NYC community (including the surrounding boroughs) as a whole, and how the results have been measured.

**Note: If your nonprofit generates less than $5 million in revenue, please apply for the Rising Star Award. You are not eligible for this award.

Selection Criteria

The following will be considered:

1. The degree and type of social change

2. Its sustainability and scalability

Warning: There is no save feature for the application. To prevent loss of data, please answer questions in a Word Doc and copy/ paste them into the answer boxes.

NYC Social Impact Award Submission

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